Business Continuity Solutions

CirriusBDR Business Continuity Solutions insures your applications and data are available during planned and unplanned outages. Our services provide high-availability and robust data protection to accommodate any budget and flexible enough to address any technology constraints.

Unprecedented data growth is challenging companies of all sizes, placing increasing pressure on their backup and recovery initiatives. With mounting pressure to comply with regulatory requirements and improve disaster recovery practices, companies are experiencing dissatisfaction with traditional backup methods that are falling short regarding efficiency, reliability, and ease-of-use. An ever-expanding network of central, remote, and branch offices further confounds the situation. The need to deliver against strict service level expectations, while managing costs, turns information recovery management into a complex challenge for enterprise data centers of all sizes.

A new industry paradigm shift around backup redesign is finally catching up with virtualization and public/private cloud computing. Delivered to both small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and large enterprises as a perpetual (Private Cloud) license, term (Private Cloud) license, or as an online (Public Cloud) backup service the CirriusBDR solution is designed to deliver against strict service level expectations, while managing costs.

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Hybrid Data Protection Strategy

You do not need to choose whether to completely manage the entire company data or completely outsource it to an Online Backup Service Provider. CirriusBDR is the only solution available that allows mixing and matching and seamlessly switching between the two strategies without having to reinstall the backup and recovery client software.

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Cloud Data Protection Strategy

You can control the Public Cloud or use your company’s Private Cloud to optimize the backup of distributed remote locations, virtual machines and mobile users.

Control vs. Custody

CirriusBDR is the only solution that always ensures your control of backup data. You can easily migrate your backup data from your internal data center to an MSP’s facility or vice-versa using the CirriusImpact migration tool—without having to reinstall the backup and recovery client software. As your backup strategy changes, retain the custody of your data or outsource it to an MSP, but you always have control over your backup data. CirriusImpact offers a variety of clear, cloud-migration paths.

Single Code Base and Common Platform

CirriusBDR offers a holistic data management solution that includes technologies like LAN Storage Discovery, Mass Deployment, Encryption, CDP, Deduplication, Replication, and Backup Lifecycle Management with a single code base and unified platform.

Centralized Architecture
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