Best Hosted Contact Center Tools

What are the best virtual/hosted contact center tools on the market today? (ACD / PBX / CTI / IVR / ETC)

The best call center tools are the ones that most effectively complement your business needs. Assuming that we have already factored in the savings of cloud base solutions, a contact center’s needs generally fall into one of three scenarios:

1. You already have some functionalities on –premise and you want to leverage the cloud without losing your existing investment. For example, a company may want to add cloud-base workforce management to their existing infrastructure or may want to run marketing campaign or collection and need a robodialer or outbound sophisticated algorithm that will suite its multiple department needs.

2. You want to have all your functionalities in the cloud. The usual case for a complete cloud-based solution is when a company is building a new contact center and focusing on investing in the most precious and important contact center asset, its agents. Presented with limited start-up funds, a company should leverage its investment on human capital instead of diverting it to technological infrastructure that may not needed in a year or two or, even worse, be obsolete in 3-5 years.

3. You want either of the above scenarios as well as the flexibility to move functionalities from the cloud to on-premise, or vice versa.

At the end of the day, a top-line contact center has:

- Brand-name technologies that have proven themselves and that meet .your specific needs e.g. outbound capabilities can mean as little as being able to dial out from a static list or as much as the ability to run multiple campaigns at the same time.

- Technologies that work either on-premise or hosted

- The support of a professional IT consulting company that can provide you with the planning, execution, and service of your desired cloud strategy

Good Luck in Your Contact Center Planning!

Yossi Teichman