CGStel Hosted PBX

Designed to deliver seamless phone system management


Substantially reduce cost of keeping telephone lines  -Eliminate the need for expensive, complex, or outdated PBX hardware and software  -Free unlimited phone extensions & voice mail boxes


Home and mobile agents have the same capabilities as in-office agents  -Work from anywhere with an internet connection using user-friendly web portal


Built-in disaster recovery and 24/7 network management  -Unparalleled customer support & service  -Crystal clear HD sound quality  -Never miss a call. System reroutes calls in the event of a power outage or disaster


Hosted PBX system is easily & entirely managed through web portal  -Free 50+ enterprise level features such as auto attendant (IVR), Find Me/Follow Me (call forwarding), voice mail to email, conference call and bridge and more.


Manage multiple offices and remote users  -Easily add users & extensions using a web portal  -Manage internal & external calls on the fly

Streamline your office phone systems under one roof and enjoy all-inclusive service on one bill

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CGS will work with you every step of the way from reviewing your business needs your work processes and expectations, through recommending a tailored solution, and including implementing and supporting your day to day operation. Furthermore we will be available when you need to consult, expand, or just think-tank.

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