Interaction Analytics

Interaction Analytics

Contact Centers process thousands of calls, emails, and online chat sessions with customers each day. These interactions hold a wealth of valuable business insights, such as what customers like and dislike about the company’s products and services, what they need and want, and what dissatisfies them, their intent, and sentiment— insights that impact companies’ key performance metrics and, ultimately, the bottom line. Interaction Analytics is a cross-channel analytics platform that enables cutting-edge companies to transform the valuable, yet hidden, information in customer interactions into business results.

Gone are the days when contact centers communicated with customers solely by phone. Today, the proliferation of interaction channel,s such as email, chat, and social media creates new Customer Dynamics. It also delivers new sources of insights and opportunities to create a positive impact on customers and the company’s bottom line.

Interaction Analytics cross-channel analytics platform uses powerful patented algorithms to analyze speech, call flow, email and online chat conversations, customer surveys and agents’ desktop activity, to construct a unified view of the customer interactions taking place across the organization’s diverse communication channels and uncover the insights hidden within them. Leveraging these insights, companies can streamline operations, define and create a differentiating customer experience, and improve revenue growth.

Each targets specific business challenges:

First Contact Resolution (FCR)
Handle Time Optimization (AHT)
Customer Churn Reduction
Collections Effectiveness
Sales Effectiveness
Marketing Effectiveness