Outbound Contact Center

Outbound Contact Center

Outbound Voice call software provides a flexible outbound dialing platform that emphasizes operational efficiency and empowers business users to adapt to changing requirements. The Outbound call software solution is part of our multi-channel inbound and outbound contact center solution.

Outbound call software provides contact centers with the ability to effectively contact their customers and prospects while maximizing contact center resources. CirriusINTERACT achieves this by leveraging existing infrastructure to gather data for outbound calling and ensuring only live contacts are delivered to agents. Outbound Voice delivers live calls to agents, avoiding busy line tones, answering machines, fax tones, pagers, etc.

Outbound Voice features include:

  • Smart modules: predictive dialer, progressive dialer and caller preview
  • Broadcast dialer
  • Optimize Predictive dialer software based on time factor, application stage or algorithm
  • Flexible list administration to add, remove, or amend leads while campaigns are active
  • Contact Center Toolbar
  • Scheduled callback feature: single agent or group of agents
  • Inbound/Outbound call blending to the same agent group
  • Compliance with US and European outbound call software regulations
  • Complete software administration by end-users allows real-time adjustments to active campaigns
  • Complete monitoring and reporting tools
Outbound Contact Center Features
  • PBX

    CirriusINTERACT PBX (OpenGate) is based on the full featured Asterisk Call Center VoIP platform and has been optimized by Presence Technology to offer an innovative Contact Center infrastructure.

  • ACD

    Get your customers to the right agents, right away. Skill based routing functionality directs calls, emails, web chats and voice mail messages (interactions) to the available agent with the highest skill level to handle that interaction.

  • Multi Channel

    Manage phone, email & chat channels in one application. CirriusINTERACT Contact Center is built around a universal queue with skill-based routing of voice, voice mail, email and chat interactions.

  • CRM Integration

    Direct integration capability into Salesforce.com through your IVR can increase agent productivity and capture information quickly to create a better customer experience.

  • Interaction Recording

    Interaction Recording delivers the most comprehensive capabilities for capturing customer interactions, providing organizations operational flexibility and system resiliency while maintaining low total cost of ownership.

  • IVR

    IVR is a sophisticated interactive strategy design and routing functions including voice recognition and voice synthesis.

  • CTI

    CTI allows you to integrate your applications with your telephony.

  • Quality Management

    Quality Management provides businesses of all sizes with powerful capabilities to drive customer satisfaction improve agent effectiveness and optimize call center processes. QM streamlines the quality evaluation and calibration process with wizard-driven and pre-filled forms.

  • Speech Recignition

    TEXT-TO-SPEECH (TTS) provides Text-to-Speech synthesis, turning written text into spoken speech. This allows any computer or IVR application to convey information to a user providing an accurate and affordable means of speech enabling your telephony platform or software application.

  • Scripting

    Scripting is a powerful visual tool, focused on script development for telemarketing services, product sales and data collection.

  • Intelligent Routing

    Intelligent Routing extends ACD capabilities by defining business strategies to route Contact Center interactions over any channel (voice, e-mail, chat, internet, SMS).

  • Robo Dialer

    Robo Dialer, a broadcast dialer, provides the interface between Voice Outbound and IVR. Robo Dialer brings several advantages to the table, like our extensive Voice Outbound dialer capabilities, which includes load and campaign management.

  • Reporting

    Reporting, a group of solutions focused on improving management and control processes in Contact Centers. Contact Center Managers and Supervisors acquire total control over their campaigns and services in real time or remotely.

  • Back Office

    Back Office Solution integrates back office tasks with agents’ daily tasks through the same call blending management solution.

  • Messaging

    Messaging allows customer interaction with Contact Centers via e-mail, fax and SMS channels, through the same agents who deliver voice services.

  • Internet

    Internet manages chat, web callback and web collaboration, allowing customers to request support while surfing the Internet.

  • Social Media

    Social media connects clients through social networks and it standardizes the interface among these channels – tweeting, blogging, or even instant messaging – with no need of changing Contact Center’s current features, and no increase in operational costs.

  • Supervisor

    Online management tool specifically designed for Service Managers which allows quickly and easy business rules implementation.

  • Administrator

    Administrator tool enables the system administrator to configure technical parameters of the telephony platform.

  • Workforce Management

    WFM software enables even the most complex multi-site, multi-skill and multi-channel call centers to forecast staffing needs, schedule their representatives’ time, and effectively manage change every day.

  • Interaction Analytics

    nteraction Analytics is a cross-channel analytics platform that enables cutting-edge companies to transform the valuable yet hidden information in customer interactions into business results.