Increase revenues and streamline your practice; our integrated solutions make it possible for you to focus on what you do best - patient care. At CirriusEHR, we deliver a comprehensive package of solutions that automate processes, maximize cash flow, and enable seamless communication to create a healthcare connected environment.
63rd Annual Region III APMA Conference

CirriusEHR: Innovative Solutions. Delivered.

CirriusEHR is the certified, innovative, clinic-focused, designed from the ground up by technology experts in collaboration with Physicians, Medical Office Managers, and Medical Practice Staff hosted solution. As a hosted solution, CirriusEHR gives you access from any computer, wherever and whenever you have Internet connectivity. With the help of our technical support team, CirriusEHR adds value to your practice by streamlining your operations with its easy-to-use interface. Because IMPS is Drummond certified, you can use it to qualify for federal stimulus incentives.

With our EHR tool, you will get:

  • Meaningful use of an electronic health record system. Under the economic stimulus plan, physicians who implement EHRs and meet HHS “meaningful use” criteria starting in 2011 can qualify for HITECH incentives of $44,000 or more.
  • More productive practice management. Improve practice efficiency while increasing your team’s security, productivity, and quality of care.
  • The highest return on your investment. All the money you saved by not choosing an expensive electronic health record system can be put toward patient care improvements.

HITECH Stimulus

You can qualify for $44,000 in Medicare incentives.


Security is our absolute priority. Our EHR runs within a highly secure environment.


Our EHR is designed to be available for your practice at all times.