Specific Templates

With CirriusEHR’s eCharting you can quickly and easily document progress notes using your personalized specific templates with common phrases and wording, review patient history and create automated progress notes and referral letters. You can also use the quick note feature to cut documentation time in half by pulling forward previous encounters and documenting changes, rather than starting from scratch each time.

Encounter Templates

With eCharting you can choose from one of many the pre-built encounter templates or customize it to meet the way you practice medicine. Each encounter can be quickly documented by selecting common choices from radio buttons, drop-down menus, or search fields.


Each encounter template includes calculated fields that make it quick to enter and understand information, as well as to ensure accuracy. For example, enter the patient’s height and weight and their BMI is automatically calculated. Or, enter a patient’s weight in pounds, and height in feet and inches, and CirriusEHR automatically converts the data to kilograms and centimeters.

Dictation and Transcription

CirriusEHR has enhanced features that seamlessly connect to dictation services, including Dragon Medical.  With Dragon Medical,  your dictated note will automatically be sent into your message center for you to view and accept as part of the patient’s note, eliminating the need for cutting and pasting.

Quick Note

CirriusEHR provides a quick note that allows you to cut documentation time in half by pulling forward previous encounters and documenting changes rather than starting from scratch every time.

Physical Exam

In the Physical Exam, you can simply click on “normal” or “abnormal” to describe various body systems and pre-filled descriptions will appear. You can also modify the pre-fill text as needed based on personal preference or in unique circumstances.

Referral Letter

CirriusEHR includes specific automated summary letters to send to referring physicians. The automated system ensures that your communications with your peers are standardized, efficient, and easy.

Clinical Decision Support

Clinical Decision Support includes custom-created guidelines and criteria for disease management, wellness, and preventative care.