Reliable Electronic Health Record

Availability is Paramount

Your EHR is absolutely vital to quality patient care, as well as the operation of your medical practice. At CirriusEHR, we understand the need for implementing an electronic health record system that’s dependable and accessible at all times. CirriusEHR’s foundation of Fortune 500-level SaaS infrastructure ensures instant access to your records whenever you log on – at no cost to you.

Superior to local systems

Your local systems and software are vulnerable to power outages, hardware failure and system crashes. Choosing CirriusEHR’s EHR means you’ll never have to search for or recover lost data. We use today’s most advanced SaaS infrastructure – a system that costs hundreds of thousands of dollars to implement independently – and maintain it to the strictest standards. All you have to do is log in.

Runtime Levels

Practice Fusion achieved a “three nines” level of availability the past two years, maintaining 99.9% runtime for our users. Our objective for 2012 is to exceed this level. Perhaps the best news is that the majority of our EMR system enhancements do not require any system downtime. Releases that may require a few minutes of downtime are scheduled for the middle of the night to avoid disruption.

Service Level Agreement

CirriusEHR is the only EHR system to post a Service Level Agreement (SLA) for our users. SLAs are a common feature in the technology sector and provide you with a measurable expectation for performance and reliability. CirriusEHR guarantees the highest levels of runtime.