Secure EHR

A Commitment to Security

Security is our absolute priority. CirriusEHR’s Electronic Health Record runs within a highly secure hosted environment. Our technology team applies the highest levels of data infrastructure, virus prevention, spam filtering, and encryption measures. Our systems have undergone extensive third-party security testing and we engage in regular audits of our systems. Security is paramount in the design of the EHR and PHR services.

  • Data system security - Our world-class data centers are equipped with sophisticated, bank-level technology to securely house your data. The sites feature 24/7 facility and network monitoring, card access controls, data back-ups, redundant power supplies, and fire deterrent systems. In addition, all data transfers between your organization and CirriusEHR are encrypted and protected from malicious parties.
  • Privacy and compliance - CirriusEHR meets or exceeds all HIPAA and proposed HHS certification requirements. Data is stored in an encrypted database and all data transfers are made with bank-level security. We monitor federal and state regulations to ensure that your practice is always compliant.
  • Access control - Access to data within the EHR is controlled by well-defined user roles and access levels, the enforcement of strong login passwords, stringent user authentication/authorization, and user inactivity locks. Physicians, nurses, and administrators each have specific permissions for accessing data.
  • Activity feed - A live audit trail tracks every action within the EHR in real-time. Through this live feed, you have complete visibility to the activity of every member of your practice. CirriusEHR is the only EHR available that gives you immediate access to this valuable usage data.