End to End Communication

When CirriusImpact won a contract for an outbound and recording campaign, the company knew that had to provide

rapid deployment with fast pace deliverables, constant changes, and massive target audience.

The constraints on the deliverables were specific:

  • Extremely aggressive deployment
  • Short term contract
  • Heavy scripting with minimal up time implications
  • Massive target customer reach, with adding data on the fly requirements
  • No CapaX  , Opex involvement

The short term contract required CirriusImpact to provide a full hosted Saas solution, , enabling FDNY to contact the large volume of applicants, in a limited time frame.

CirriusImpact, a technology and Hosting collaboration between CGS LLC, Presence Technology and NICE Systems, provided the fully functional outbound contact center. With rapid deployment and with the assistance of all parties including the FDNY technical team  it only took two weeks to deploy. All setup entities as well as scripts were build tested and deployed. Project was delivered to FDNY on time and has been providing all the necessary tools to achieve these business targets ever since. Since inception, scripts and database changes have been provided to the customer, with no effect on up time production.

Implementing (of) a hosted solution did not require an investment in Contact Center infrastructure.  All program features were supplied as Cloud based Software-As-A Service (SaaS), resulting in no onsite technology infrastructure.  This solution gives the ability to rapidly provide a hosted contact center connected to FDNY center, as well as quickly build scripts utilizing the FDNY guidelines.  FDNY employed this tool for interviewing and confirming applicant information and concluding and verifying readiness of applicants for testing.

CirriusImpact has been providing all technology and services surrounding the engagement, covering all aspects of this project. From solution design, implementations, development, through maintenance, and forward planning CirriusImpact covers all project aspects.

FDNY continues to use the outbound  campaign, since inception project has been extended, once and is been considered for another extension.

“Especially during these times we are proud to be a part of the FDNY efforts” said Yossi Teichman, CEO of CirriusImpact LLC. “With our lead technology providers Presence Technology and NICE Systems, coupled with the professionalism of the IT team of FDNY, we were able to provide all the necessary features in record time and achieve all the business targets needed,” he added.


Edison NJ

Market Segment

Contact Center applications


Providing hosted contact center Saas solution with multi vendor integration, rapid deployment, aggressive changes and targets.


CirriusImpact with its technology partners (Nice systems, and Presence technology) deliver a complete system deployment and coverage.

Customer Benefit

FDNY able to reach a massive target audience, as it conducts its candidate research, as well as been able to follow-up monitor and supervise applicants progress in the exam registration and process.

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