End to End Fax Solution

When CirriusImpact won a contract for an inbound FAX order system, customer had mention that they were losing incoming faxes due to limited amount of ports available VS FAX orders coming in.

Due to business targets, customer was receiving 2% of all orders still through FAX system, a few thousands of faxes a month. Previous provide was unable to guarantee that all faxes are received more over customer faced a steep price per port added to infrastructure (fax machines) needed

CirriusImpact, provided fully functional inbound soft fax manager, with the following benefits :

  • Implementation took less then a day
  • Customer got rid of all infrastructure (machines) required to provide the faxes
  • Unlimited amount of ports allowed customer to receive as many faxes as sent.
  • All faxes transmitted (soft copy) to customer via e-mail
  • Price drop while quality ( received faxes ) improved dramatically.

Implementing (of) a hosted solution did not require an investment in Contact Center infrastructure.  All program features were supplied as Cloud based Software-As-A-Service (SaaS), resulting in no onsite technology infrastructure.  This solution gives the ability to rapidly provide a hosted contact center connected to customer.

CirriusImpact has been providing all technology and services surrounding the engagement, covering all aspects of this project. From solution design, implementations, development, through maintenance, and forward planning CirriusImpact covers all project aspects.

Since inception Customer increase dramatically the usage of the unified communication and has added more functionalities to the requirement such as :

  • Additional services added with minimal effort
  • Private fax lines added
  • Outbound paperless fax capabilities added.


Edison NJ

Market Segment

Unified communication applications


Providing hosted contact center Saas FAX solution with rapid deployment.

CirriusImpact deliver a complete system deployment and coverage, with great quality improvement as well as considerable decrease in expenses.

Customer Benefit

  • Reduce expenses, showing immediate ROI
  • Receive ALL faxes
  • Expand service to all  enterprise private
  • Add outbound fax capabilities