Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Simplified Environment

Streamline and simplify operations by turning disparate operating systems, applications, and data into centralized services delivered on any device.

Management and Security

CirriusIMPACT Manages, security, and backs up end-user assets and applications from one place. Protect against compliance risk with policy driven access. Eases Compliance concerns for HIPAA, PCI, SOX and more.

Empowering End Users

Stimulate workforce productivity by delivering a consistent, intuitive, and collaborative computing experience across all devices, anytime – anywhere.

CirriusIMPACT has developed an enhanced virtual desktop infrastructure solution, that offers a painless transition ensuring HIPAA and digital security compliance; in addition we offer the ability to streamline your operating environment enabling you to increase productivity, while reducing the impact to the CAPEX budgets. With VDI, there is little or no up front cost, and business expansion such as adding resources or expanding to another location becomes as simple as dialing CirriusIMPACT.