Automation for the People

NICE is recognized as an industry leader in Automation Solutions and organizations across industries have used NICE’s RPA solutions across functions. NICE is positioned as a leader and star performer in Everest group’s PEAK Matrix.

The NICE Virtual workforce comprises software robots that are installed on back-end servers, with the capabilities to take over all the repetitive, daily admin driven processes facing the human workforce. A variety of tasks can be executed independently without human intervention, freeing up employees to focus their attention on more valuable business priorities.

NICE’s Automation Solutions

  • Identify inefficient, automatable processes
  • Optimize processes with guidance and automated flows
  • Measure automated processes and identify areas for improvement

NICE RPA Capabilities and Offerings

Snapshot of key functionalities and offerings
Hosting Options
Private Cloud
Public Cloud
Development & Integration
Visual Drag & Drop
Built-in process workflow tool
Debugging Tools
Support for open standards
Pre-built connectors with leading applications
Human-in-the-loop process development
Deployment & Maintenance
Central Control and Monitoring
Robot Performance Analytics
Dynamic load balancing
Change Management & Governance
Version control for bots
Roll-back to previous versions
Security & Compliance
Secure credential vault
Role based access
Robot activity logging
Cognitive & AI capabilities
Advanced OCR
Product Training & Support
Classroom training
Online Training
Commercial Model
Perpetual Licensing
Subscription Based
Other Models

CirriusImpact Partnership with NICE
CirriusImpact has a long standing partnership with NICE, over 15 years  of extensive experience with NICE  product portfolio, as well as cooperation in Operation Hosting and Professional Services. As a distinguished services partner, the relationship continues to expand with pace of new technologies and offerings in partnership with NICE.  CirriusImpact has enhanced their offerings to include an exclusive Automation Suite of Services, a unique and comprehensive methodology that spans the entire bot life cycle, translating the full RPA potential and achieving real-time benefits.
Fuel Continuous Improvement
NICE Advanced Process Automation enables customers to identify automatable processes and then automate and monitor them. They provide insight into additional areas in which productivity can be improved. By freeing people to focus on more engaging, higher-value activities, organizations can optimize processes, for a very real competitive advantage.

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