Hybrid-Hosted: The Best of Breed Approach

Because on-premise solutions already exist in business today, and as many businesses are now looking into added deployment solutions such Analytics to their existing logging environment, or outbound dialer to their existing phone switch, CirriusImpact Hybrid Model suits perfectly into their expended business needs. CirriusImpact’s hybrid-hosted solution provides a best of breed approach with the existing infrastructure remaining on the customers premise while the new added technology (along with service, maintenance and configuration) residing in the cloud. Having your own already purchased infrastructure gives you the option to use the delivery platform you prefer, such as VoIP, PRI or POTS, in any combination. CirriusImpact hybrid model will ensure a seamless connectivity between your site and the cloud. CirriusImpact Hybrid model will allow you to integrate your current business tools with a variety of other business systems, without the hassle of changing your current environment, added infrastructure, and prolonged deployment.

CirriusImpact hybrid-hosted solutions provides:

  • Proactive 24/7 monitoring
  • Automatic software upgrades
  • Messages, prompts and record options remain on company premises
  • Integration opportunities for other business applications through an open source platform
  • Automated configuration backup

The Advantages of a Hybrid-Hosted Solution

A hybrid-hosted deployment solution allows your business’ communications infrastructure (server) to be on-site while deferring equipment monitoring and management costs to CirriusImpact. In contrast, a dedicated deployment method removes all the worries and costs of training and on-site maintenance with the infrastructure hosted within CirriusImpact’s data center. With all CirriusImpact solutions, configuration data is securely backed up, new system features and upgrades are included and, ultimately, the total cost of ownership is much less than a legacy on-premises solution.