Managed Services

Some technologies, are better suited for on prem, then the cloud. (*) In order to avoid Capex and Opex issues, as well as technical and financial issues, many times and organization shall prefer to differ the handling of the infrastructure to a professional organization which provides not only the infrastructure but also the technology service and maintenance know how for the solution to be deployed and productive.  MSP solution is a perfect match for these organizations. CirriusImpact through its professional services arm shall be providing you a white glove solution that not only will include the infrastructure but also will be able to monitor manage and service the solution. Coupled with our Hybrid Model CirriusIMpact is well suited to provide your with all the necessary models to fit your needs.

(*) For example due to real time constraints Voice Recorder are mostly an on prem solution rather then cloud boud.

CirriusImpact MSP solutions provides:

  • Proactive 24/7 monitoring
  • Automatic software upgrades
  • Messages, prompts and record options remain on company premises
  • Integration opportunities for other business applications through an open source platform
  • Automated configuration backup
  • Complete SaaS availability

The Advantages of a MSP Solution

A MSP deployment solution allows organizations to have on-prem needed infrastructure (server) while deferring the service management to CirriusImpact. Customer will have no Capex/Opex loads, while having a full blown functionality of the solution. Moreover customer would have the opportunity to expand functionalities and  features through CirriusImpact Hybrid model seamlessly with no Capex/Opex constraints and with minimal efforts and time to value.