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We’re Business VoIP, But Better

CirriusUNIFIED’s business VoIP is a better kind of phone system for small and medium businesses, and it’s one that thousands of offices are using every day.

“VoIP” stands for “Voice over Internet Protocol.” In other words, your phone system works over the Internet rather than over traditional phone lines.

Because we offer this type of hosted PBX phone system, you save money and time on setup and equipment, and you actually get an even better set of business-class features included in your low monthly bill. 

Our hosted PBX phone system is ideal for small business because VoIP costs less, has powerful features, works with a variety of IP phones, and is incredibly scalable so that as you grow, your phone system is able to grow with you.

VoIP Plans, Pricing and Add-ons

We makes small business VoIP even more affordable with price plans and add-ons that are perfectly customized to your business.

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VoIP Phones

Pick your phones, then plug and play with confidence. Our IP phones have all been tested and certified by CirriusIMPACT.

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The most robust small business VoIP feature set in the industry puts you on an even footing with the Fortune 500.

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