Why CirriusUNIFIED?

Why CirriusUNIFIED is the Best Business VoIP Provider

So you’re convinced that business VoIP will save you money, eliminate hassles and give you a feature set like a Fortune 500 company.

Now it’s time to decide which business VoIP provider is the very best.

Here’s what makes CirriusUNIFIED stand apart:

We Specialize in Hosted PBX

Hosted PBX is one of several different kinds of business VoIP. In our estimation, it’s the only one any small business should consider. Why?

Because hosted PBX doesn’t just reduce your costs. It eliminates that closet full of equipment that traditional phone systems require, as well as all the associated hassles of maintaining and upgrading that equipment.

In other words, you get a complete phone system with none of the equipment or hassles that traditionally go with it.

CirriusUNIFIED’s hosted PBX is also scalable. So as your business grows, your phone system can quickly and inexpensively grow with it.

We’re Reliable

At CirriusUNIFIED, our highest priority is providing the most important tool that you can use to sell to and service your customers. In that regard, we have invested more in making sure that you have the most reliable service possible, in many ways going well beyond what the traditional phone companies can offer.

In the unlikely event CirriusUNIFIED service was experiencing issues, we forward your calls to any phone number you designate which helps ensure you never miss a call. We call these features our Call Continuity Service.

In the much more likely event that your internet provider experiences issues, our Call Continuity feature makes sure your prospects and customers can always reach you.

We’re Easy to Use

Every business VoIP system requires a user interface. It’s used by your phone system administrator to manage the system, and it’s used by each of your employees to manage features like voice mail and call forwarding.

So at CirriusUNIFIED, we worked hard to make our user interface remarkably easy.

Many of our customers believe our user interface is the friendliest in the industry (In fact, that’s what convinced many of them to go with us.)

We Own our Technology

Here’s one way to become a business VoIP company: You can lease your technology from someone else, then simply sell that to your customers.

That’s how approximately 95% of business VoIP providers work. But not CirriusUNIFIED.

We own our own business VoIP technology. And that enables us to provide the remarkable reliability and ever-expanding cloud PBX features that you require.

If something goes wrong, we don’t need to depend on another company to fix it. We can do it ourselves. That’s why our data centers are able to provide 99.999% availability.

We’re Focused on Small Business

With CirriusUNIFIED, you don’t have to worry that your small business will get lost in the shuffle.

While other companies don’t want to bother with you unless you’re huge, we specialize in small businesses: Most of our customers have 100 employees or less.

Plus we’re entirely focused on helping small businesses succeed and grow. We don’t divide our efforts between residential and business accounts.

We’re Easier to Work With

CirriusUNIFIED’s Hosted PBX solution is simple and easy to set up. In fact, you can be up and running in about 15 minutes after receiving your phones.

Our start-up costs are low, and our monthly fees are reasonable and predictable.

And with CirriusUNIFIED, there are no long-term contracts. Our customers stay with us because they want to—not because they have to.