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Unleash the power of seamless communication with your most valued audience – your customers, patrons, and constituents. At CirriusImpact, we understand that effective communication is the cornerstone of success for any service organization. That's why we are the ultimate partner you need to ensure your enterprise is not only accessible but also utilizes all modern communication channels affordably.

CirriusImpact is your trusted ally, collaborating with companies and organizations across diverse industries. We bring our expertise to the table, empowering you to enhance your overall success. With our cutting-edge solutions and tailored strategies, we enable you to engage with your audience like never before. Step into the future of communication with CirriusImpact by your side and witness your organization soar to new heights of achievement.


With CirriusImpact, your library will thrive as a modern, dynamic, and indispensable institution at the heart of your community. An educational and cornerstone community powerhouse!


As physical hubs for information, retention and distribution of knowledge, you play a pivotal role in bridging the digital divide between the "connected" and the "non-connected." With our cutting-edge technologies, you can supercharge patron access to a wealth of resources, information, job opportunities, engaging events, educational programs, and thriving communities.

Join us in revolutionizing the library patron experience, delivering impactful services, and transforming the lives of your patrons.



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Fundraising, managing volunteers and allocating needed resources and assistance are the lifeblood of most non-profit organizations. CirriusImpact recognizes there is frequently a large gap between the digital connectivity of the organizers versus the communication challenges faced by the served populations. The optimal telecommunication configuration for such organizations requires great sensitivity to scarce resources and the need for vast data management. With expert solutions at the ready, CirriusImpact can help your organization achieve more.


Commercial service businesses are walking a tightrope, trying to balance the relationship between services and expenses, amidst growing global competition. The recorded message, “Thank you for your patience, your call is important to us” is a cynical statement, at best, in the ears of your customers.  CirriusImpact would like to help your business eliminate the long, frustrating line holding and fruitless bot interactions for your customers. Talk to us about how you can better serve your customers and improve your competitiveness.



Online banking/investing and electronic wallets are the greatest efficiencies fueling the profitability of the financial industry. Yet entire population segments are finding themselves frustrated by the inability to receive personal assistance. Although seniors and new additions to the workforce may not seem to contribute to the bottom line like a corporate client, their money is just as green and their collective importance in the short and long-term should not be scoffed. To learn how you can help your financial institution become more accessible, inclusive and committed to customer service, talk to us at CirriusImpact to see how you can leverage your telecommunication network to turn this inequitable situation around.


The foundation of democracy requires elected officials to maintain constant communication with their constituents. Likewise, running a political campaign requires high-quality, accessible channels of both telephone and digital communication to provide open and immediate dialogue among officials, staff, media, the public and special interest groups. Like you, CirriusImpact knows that social media can only reach a certain portion of your targeted publics; you will need to cultivate all channels of communication to ensure your constituents are heard and they can hear you. Talk to us and we’ll give you the help you need to set-up quickly, securely and effectively.

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